5 Tips Bisnis Jual Beli Rumah Dengan Modal Minim

How to do a business buying and selling a house with minimalist capital especially for beginners? Next, we will give some tips for you. Meanwhile, visit bukit lombok
if you’re interested to buy land lots or properties in Lombok.

1. Pack this business as an investment medium

Besides functioning as a place to live, now homes and properties can be used as investment fields that are quite promising. You must be able to captivate the market and ensure that the property you offer has many advantages other than a place to live. for example, the benefits from the economic side, namely the increase in prices which is increasing from year to year.

2. Understand costs and prices well

Sometimes, there are still business people buying and selling houses that do not understand the costs and prices. Houses that have been purchased sometimes also require a little renovation. Of course, this must be taken into account before determining the selling price. Don’t let you set a price far from the general price. Consider rational profits when determining the selling price.

3. Understand property tax laws and rules

The business of buying and selling a house is one type of business that is susceptible to legal violations due to tax errors. Therefore, understand well the legal affairs, taxation, size, and property boundaries that you handle.

4. Start with a simple management system

It’s good if you start a business buying and selling your home just by focusing on the business of buying and selling and financial management. For construction and taxation matters, leave it to the experts. Currently, there are many professional legal construction services and services that are more familiar with these matters than you. So you can focus more on marketing your home buying and try to sell it.

5. Incentive marketing techniques

Incentive marketing techniques are now preferred by business people, including the business of buying and selling houses. Marketing techniques by distributing brochures and advertisements in newspapers are actually still quite effective. However, there is nothing wrong if you take advantage of technological sophistication for marketing your home buying and selling the business, by utilizing various social media, websites, and home buying and selling blogs.

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