Actually, Need Not To Refill Freon?

Most people who use AC do lack information, one of which is the growing myth about freon. If it is not straightened out, eating later can harm consumers. For this reason, aircon servicing wants to rectify this problem so that consumers can pay more attention to the welfare of the use of air conditioning. Many are asking about whether filling in freon is necessary? This is one of the questions that trap you because the answer is NO.

First, the working principle of a home air conditioner is actually the same as a car where there is a compressor that operates to draw freon gas to the evaporator in the indoor section and then exhales wind and wind from the AC grid. This freon gas stored in the compressor always rotates in a closed loop of the compressor to the evaporator and returns to the evaporator.
If the air conditioner has been used for 5 years, it will become a natural thing if we refill the freon. But if it has only been used for less than 2 years and not even had a year already requested freon contents, the thing that causes it is if the freon pipe has been planted on the wall of the house when the air conditioner is installed it may be careless, causing a smooth leak. Or another cause is if you install it not with professional staff. Different from our place. All of our technicians for AC installations and AC services, all of them are In-house technicians with monthly salaries, so we always control their work and they are more responsible for carrying out their duties because they carry our company flag.

It may also be in the pipe connection (Naples) when the flaring is not tight enough to leak smoothly or even too tight it will crack or break. It could be that your AC Indoor Evaporator unit is leaking, now if we have this advice, besides the AC Evaporator being welded, you save.

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