Additional and useful tips for making a good booth

Additional and useful tips for making a good booth

Give the lighting with the spotlight lights to each displayed product item. Calculate how many lights in the booth are needed and notice how lighting can attract consumers’ eyes toward display items. Thoroughly also sought adequate lighting for the entire booth for visitor interaction with SPG or officers to be smooth. Good lighting conditions will look like other visitors who pass your booth and influence their interest to visit. Use good lighting to make your interior design booth look more attractive. In the meantime, perhaps you need to check out the recommended Inflatable marquee for outdoor exhibitions and events.

Use of Colors Reflecting Products

Give a touch of the color booth that has a theme/color character of the product you want to display. So get the artistic value and also the character value that strengthens your product. do not hesitate to provide accessories/decoration support for your booth looks to give interaction and as “telling stories” to visitors.

Use an interesting, unique and eye-catching color combination that stands out in the crowded exhibition grounds. The use of neutral or faint colors tends to make your booth ‘sink’ and not “selected to visit” in the crowd.

The dominant focal point

Each focal point (Point of Interest) is a part of the attention of visitors when visiting a booth. ideally should have a strong and unified impression as part of the decor of a booth.

Focal point applications can be varied in terms of superior products or equipment related to the functionality and usefulness of the product, in order to attract the attention of the viewer to observe further. If you have a mascot for your product promotion, show it clearly and prominently, if necessary use the mascot character costume, the person who wears the character costume of the mascot.

Under certain conditions, the focal point can be replaced by other elements such as furniture, artwork or large images that serve as a focal point. the use of this focal point should create a balance so that the overall interior design that you do looks solid, effective and interesting.

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