Advertising on your vehicle

Advertising on your vehicle

Depending on the business effects you want to create, the advertising car comes in many forms. Options include stickers, car wraps, license plate frames, and simple bumper stickers. Each option has a plus-minus each, but the most important question is: how much are you willing to spend on an ad? Meanwhile, perhaps you need to take a look at the Oracal car wrap if you want to advertise with your vehicle soon.

Bumper stickers, arguably the easiest and simplest way and are beginning to spread around the world. But this type is less efficient in building brand awareness.

License plate frames are more effective for doubling ad performance, although sometimes it is not easy to realize. This type is more suitable only to be given to relatives and loyal customers, given the license plate frames more like a pin.

Car wraps, with more cost than others, but this type is very effective to build brand awareness because of the look of an eye-catching car.

Stickers, arguably like mini-billboards that can move around. Relatively cheap and easy to create brand awareness. With a good sticker, you can increase your local business visibility and attract new customers. This type includes the most effective and efficient car advertising method.

What is the advantage of car advertising?

Small-scale outdoor advertisements such as posters and flyers work with for business promotion in specific locations. Billboards are usually more effective when placed close to the advertised business, but are quite expensive and are typically used to reach a large audience. Car advertising offers high visibility and cost-effective solutions. In-car ads reach a large audience, especially when potential customers are stuck in slow traffic, especially when stuck.


Within a few days of using car advertising, businesses will see an increase in sales and brand awareness in general.

High visibility

By utilizing a medium that has not been widely used, in this case, is a car, even with a campaign that is not big on some local drivers, businesses can spread brand awareness in their community (drivers).


Unlike traditional marketing methods, car advertising is a very effective method for businesses that are not yet big, to connect with local communities.

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