Avoid mosquitoes at home by knowing his favorite places

Avoid mosquitoes at home by knowing his favorite places

In your house, maybe you will find many mosquitoes that are very disturbing your sleep. This is because the mosquitoes like some place in your house. Therefore, you need the best mosquito fogger to be able to repel mosquitoes properly and quickly. In addition, the Pest Survival Guide will also give you a lot of information about evicting pests, especially mosquitoes in your home.

Keep in mind that many places in your house can be inhabited by mosquitoes. In fact, mosquitoes can really like the place. some of the places that are at home and are favored by mosquitoes are

– Under the bed
Mosquitoes love the dark and cold areas. If your bed may not be touched sunlight. Therefore, mosquitoes are very fond of the area. so mosquitoes do not make a nest there, it’s good you to clean your bed periodically. or another way you can do is use mosquito spray to make all the mosquitoes die.

– In the Pile of Clothes
You may have a habit of piling your clothes in the corner of your room. Please note that this is a very bad habit. For, mosquitoes are very fond of the place and you will find many mosquitoes that nest there. The best way to prevent this is never to accumulate or hang the clothes in large numbers. If it is dirty, then wash the clothes and do not stack them in one place.

– In Plant Leaf
Keep in mind that mosquitoes also nest in the leaves of plants, especially leaves that are long and thin. Mosquitoes as insects do have the instinct to protect themselves from predators. This is one way they do.
If on your terrace there is a leafy plant like that, then you should place the plant as far as possible from the entrance or window so that mosquitoes can not enter the house. and the most important thing is to quote all the small holes in the house so mosquitoes do not easily enter.

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