Benefits Of Coral Reefs For Health

Benefits Of Coral Reefs For Health

A country with beautiful marine ecosystems is usually a tourist attraction. Especially if the marine ecosystem is well cared for and preserved, it will be a big income for the country. Caring for the marine ecosystem is not easy. Cooperation from various parties is needed, including from people outside the coastal environment. Knowing the marine ecosystem is very important to know the benefits they provide and the impact if damage occurs. Swim with whale sharks is one step to introduce the marine ecosystem in the form of a tour. In Australia, this step was taken to disseminate information to tourists to foster motivation to care for marine ecosystems.

Many people still question what is the function of caring for marine ecosystems. Even though this is very important. If taken as an example, let’s look at the benefits that coral reefs have provided for human life. The following are the benefits of coral reefs:

– Treating Asthma and Arthritis
The enzyme content in coral reefs, secosteroid, is very useful to protect the human body from various diseases and is also used to cure asthma, arthritis and other inflammatory disorders.

– Anticancer
Bryozoan neritina which is an organism similar to barnacles is a bryostatin compound which is a substance to fight cancer cells. The United States National Cancer Institute has collected more than 26 thousand pounds of organisms on the reef as a proven anti-cancer.

– Treating Lung Cancer
Green algae that flourish on coral reefs are used as a treatment for melanoma and also some types of tumors, so indirectly coral reefs are also very useful for treating lung cancer because it is a fertile ground for the growth of green algae as a cure for lung cancer.

– Natural Food Coloring
Coral reefs actually save uses as natural food coloring agents that we can use. Erythrobacter bacteria which are mixed with Acropora reefs produce pigment or dye beta carotene as a source of natural food coloring.

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