Benefits of Wireless Broadband

Benefits of Wireless Broadband

Wireless broadband is a term used in internet connection. Definition of the broadband wireless definition is a tool used to connect the internet with a computer device without using cable connections. Wireless broadband can also be interpreted as a portable internet service whose transmission is carried out at a frequency of 2.3 GHz, can be accessed up to a distance of 1 km and can transmit data up to speeds of 50 Mbps. Mobilt BredbÄnd | Sammenligning 2019 | OffersHaze is considered better.

The development of wireless broadband technology began in 1896 when Guglielmo Marconi invented the wireless telegraph. In 1902 telegraphic signals were sent through the Atlantic Ocean. Then it developed into a satellite communication system, broadband wireless networking, and cellular phones. Using wireless broadband to access the internet is more efficient than using WiFi. If wireless wifi broadband can only reach up to a distance of 100 meters while the wireless broadband range can reach 1 km.

Wireless broadband providers that are developing the first broadband wireless are Samsung in collaboration with the Electronics and Technology Research Institute. The results of the development of the wireless broadband have obtained a certificate from the WiMAX Forum. Wireless broadband is a further development of High-Speed Portable Internet or abbreviated as HPI, a standard Korean technology. HPI itself was developed by the Electronic & Telecommunications Research Institute, SK Telecom, and KT Corps.

Technology transmission from wireless broadband enables access to high speeds. The transmission of the wireless broadband technology includes ADSL, SDSL, Broadband Wireless Internet Connection, Satellite Broadband Internet Connection, Cable Broadband Internet Connection, and Fiber Optic Broadband Internet Connection.

With the existence of wireless broadband technology, it will provide many conveniences. Accessing the internet becomes easier, uploading and downloading information, watching television and playing games become easier with the use of wireless broadband technology without using cables. Broadband can be used to access the internet using the same connection. Wireless broadband systems provide many benefits for communicating in a community.

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