Body Weight, Exercise, And Salt Intake Affect Your Blood Pressure

Body Weight, Exercise, And Salt Intake Affect Your Blood Pressure

Weight loss is one of the most important determinants of blood pressure. The correlation was demonstrated in a small study in America in 2014. Where the results show, that a person is gaining weight even though only 5% has an increase in blood pressure and a much greater increase is experienced by people who have extra fat in their stomach amazon. Now beware for those of you who have a distended stomach and excessive waist circumference! The risk of developing high blood pressure will be much greater if you don’t immediately lose weight. Meanwhile, perhaps you should consume nitric oxide supplement to reduce the risk of hypertension.

Regular exercise

The following tips for reducing high blood pressure are of course mandatory. Discard all feeling lazy to do it because regular exercise can provide tremendous benefits for the body.

Not only is it beneficial for lowering blood pressure, more than that the overall health of the body will be maintained. Even just exercising for a few minutes a day, is proven to reduce blood pressure.

According to the American Heart Association, most healthy people have to undergo moderate intensity exercises of at least 150 minutes a week. They also suggest that if you want to be more maximal in lowering high blood pressure, provide a special time for 40 minutes to exercise with high intensity or heavy which can really make sweat runny. Like running long distances a few kilometers or weight lifting in the gym

Limit Salt Intake

Limiting salt intake so tips to reduce high blood pressure next. What is the reason? because of the fact that most people who have high blood pressure, the result of over-consuming salt.

Therefore, it is important to limit salt intake in daily food. The salt consumption limit recommended by the most nation’s Ministry of Health per person per day is 5 grams (1 teaspoon).

As much as possible reduce snacks or buy food outside because we do not know the amount of salt added by the seller. Cook yourself at home by just adding a little salt can be a wise solution to avoid excessive salt consumption. Remember, only by reducing salt intake by 10-20%, it can be proven to help reduce high blood pressure.

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