Excellent tricks for training your brain

Excellent tricks for training your brain

Never be lazy or close your heart to learn something new. Something new if you learn will certainly get a lot of new knowledge that will increase your field of knowledge that you already know. Meanwhile, you may also want to check out a recommended brain supplement for adults at Nootropics Blog.

Use your hands to follow brain instructions

How to educate the brain can also be done by using the hand to follow the brain instructions. Use the sense of tone to compensate for the workings of the brain, not only the brain that works but the senses also work by compensating for the workings of the brain. For example by typing without seeing that is by using hand-to-hand, playing guitar without seeing the guitar that is with carefulness of hand that is balanced with the work of the brain.

Pursue your hobby

If you have a hobby then be diligent to your hobby. The hobby that is occupied will create a positive mind because we do it with a happy heart. By pursuing a hobby then our brains will work in balance with our physical, especially if your hobby is reading. Then if it’s pursued, then it will increase your knowledge and insight in terms of knowledge. A person’s hobby is usually also not just one but has several hobbies

Enjoy a hobby that can make your brain work so it will further improve the intelligence of the brain. If you are able to do and pursue your hobby that much then it would be better if done with balance but must keep in mind with the ability and limitations of your physical strength. Do not be too forced if the physical is not strong, then you can do rest if it is tired.

Learn and memorize important dates

Important dates such as birthdays, anniversaries of family members, friends, friends, relatives or special day celebrations that are important need to be memorized. By memorizing important dates other than as a reward or a celebration of gratitude with what we’ve got, it can help improve your brain intelligence. By memorizing then our brain will be actively working so like a machine will be used so that no jams.

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