Find Out Anything In Golf Terms Here

Find Out Anything In Golf Terms Here

For those of you who often play golf, you must be able to read various terms in the golf area. Make sure you know all these terms before you play golf. This is so that you feel easy or even familiar with these various terms when you are playing this sport. There are many golf courses that you can meet in various places golf savers. One of them is bangkok golf. Make sure you choose the right one for you.7

Many people, especially beginners do not know the various terms on the golf course. In fact, various of these terms are very important to know. Some terms that you should know are

1. Driving range
This is a training ground to hit. The drive here means to aim or swing the golf club you use. The first punch on one hole usually uses a driver type stick, and it looks like the term driving range starts from there.

2. Green area
This is the area on the hole that has a kind of grass that is relatively softer and thinner than the other areas. In this area, there are also target holes for playing the ball.

3. Par
In a hole, one standard has been established how many players can hit the ball into the hole. This standard number of blows is called par. Example: one hole 500 meters has par 5. That is, on the hole the standard is a player capable of inserting a ball in 5 punches. If a player can hit according to par, then the point is 0.

4. Birdie
If a player can enter a ball one punch less than a par hole. If a player can do Birdie, then the player’s points are -1.

5. Bogey
The opposite of Birdie, that is if the player needs one more punch than par. Points for Bogey are 0.

By knowing these various terms, you can play golf well and not be confused with all the terms.

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