Get to Know Broadband And Its Functions

Get to Know Broadband And Its Functions

With the rapid communication and information technology that makes every internet user both Company, UKM, Enterprise, NGO / NGO, Education, Government have many alternative choices to get Internet Broadband Access. Broadband means the wide frequency range used to send and receive data. The term, broadband refers to internet bandwidth connections. While the term bandwidth is generally used to refer to the speed of data transfer, in terms of computer networks and internet connections. If you need to seek for the best broadband, you can visit

In a broadband internet connection, the transfer speed is very high compared to an internet dial-up connection. The process of dial-up internet access is very slow because when used to access the internet, the telephone line remains busy for communication. These factors make the broadband connection method preferred for internet access.

There are various types of broadband internet connections, depending on speed, cost, and availability, such as;

– Broadband Internet Cable Connection
The internet can be accessed via a cable TV connection. A broadband internet cable connection is made available along with cable TV channels. The cable broadband internet connection provides speeds ranging from 2 Mbps to 8 Mbps. Connections are widely used in residential areas in several major cities. This connection is more popular than ADSL internet connection, although both have the same download and upload speeds.

– Satellite Broadband Internet Connection
All forms of broadband internet connections described above have limited geographical coverage, internet connection Satellite broadband is the solution to this problem. In this type of internet connection, geostationary satellites provide internet access. For this connection, a satellite dish and other supporting hardware are needed to receive signals. The speed offered by satellite internet connections is 2 Mbps for downloads and 1 Mbps for upload. This speed is less compared to other types of broadband connections. On satellite broadband connections weather factors affect most signals on this type of broadband internet connection.

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