Habits That Make Acne Stay On Your Face

Habits That Make Acne Stay On Your Face

Who is happy when acne appears? Acne on the face can cause discomfort as well as disturbing appearance. In fact, acne can appear due to some daily habits without us knowing it. Knowing and avoiding the habit is expected to make a face free of acne. If you are having problems with acne, you can visit our website and find treatment for mild acne. Visit now and feel the benefit!

Some of the acne trigger habits include:

1. Too often face wash

A dirty face is often considered a cause of acne, but not necessarily. Precisely washing the face too much can make the face lose skin natural oil, encouraging the skin to produce more oil. It will then only trigger acne. Wash your face just twice. Use warm water and mild facial cleanser. Avoid using a washcloth when washing your face, just use your fingers to help flatten the soap.

2. Squeeze pimples

This action will only cause further problems. Squeezing pimples will only suppress the pore blockage to the deeper part of the skin, causing acne scars. Squeezing pimples will only make the healing process last longer. Use acne medication directly on the acne site that will stop acne until it gets smaller. The hands should minimally touch the acne face because the oil from the hand can clog pores that will only aggravate acne.

3. Using a dirty phone

The newly used phone calling will be exposed to oil and sweat. Moreover, if the pressure on the cheek and trigger acne broke out. If the dirt is not cleaned before reuse, it will return to facial skin and bacteria that have been developed. Do not be lazy to clean the phone screen. Alternatively, use earphones or other facilities that allow the face not to stick to the phone.

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