Healing Alzheimer with Therapy!

Healing Alzheimer with Therapy!

Alzheimer’s disease is a disease that attacks the brain of a person caused by dead brain cells, resulting in the brain cannot work properly. Many people suffer from this Alzheimer disorder, but they do not know for sure why Alzheimer’s is happening to them, even health experts are not sure about the disease yet, just concluded that Alzheimer’s is a disease that disrupts the human brain. Alzheimer’s disease is usually experienced by people who are already elderly. Even health experts say that 5% of people aged 65-74 years have Alzheimer’s disease, while elderly people who are 85 years old have a higher percentage of Alzheimer’s disease is higher, which is 50%.

If you or your parents are suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and have difficulty finding an alternative treatment, then the first thing you should do is to immediately bring your parents to senior home care for further handling. By bringing your parents to senior home care your parents are not only handled professionally with the nurses there but your parents also make it possible to socialize with the patients there so it can be a therapy for them as well. In addition, your parents can also use Alzheimer’s brainwave therapy Treatment. Alzheimer’s brainwave therapy Treatment is an appropriate brainwave stimulation therapy and has been shown to improve the physiological condition of the body characterized by the development of participation, smile, eye contact, and verbal feedback to express feelings. Alzheimer’s brainwave therapy can help you overcome Alzheimer’s, senility, and other elderly diseases.

You can also invite your parents to do an activity that can help your parents overcome and cure Alzheimer’s disease that your parents suffered. Here Tips!

Keep a healthy lifestyle
Regular breaks
Routine exercise
Eat foods that contain many nutrients for the brain
Make small notes to remember
Refreshing or taking a walk, and choose a natural atmosphere
Do not smoke, drink alcohol and drugs
Try to get up in the morning

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