Here Are Some Things That Make Skin Care You Don’t Work Well

Here Are Some Things That Make Skin Care You Don’t Work Well

In each person, treatment on the face or commonly referred to as skin care is indeed very necessary. There are many treatments that you can use and various types of skin care that you can use. However, clearly, you have to use the right skincare for your skin type. one that you can choose is rodan and fields. Many people have indeed relied on these skincare products.

Unfortunately, even though many people care about the health of their skin. there are still some of them who use skin care and various other treatments incorrectly so that skin care cannot work optimally on the skin. Below are some reasons why your skin care doesn’t work optimally.

1. Using skin care on dry skin
Keep in mind that using the best treatment cream is when your skin is moist. You don’t have to wash your face to use skin care. You simply use face mist or face spray to get the right moisture before using skin care. If you do wash your face, then use warm water so that the skin pores open.

2. Skin care is not used in the right order
If you use a variety of skin care products, you must know the correct usage order. Simply put, you have to apply skin care with the most liquid texture (like water) first. Products that have more water content will be easily absorbed into the skin.
If you apply thick textured products first, products that have a light texture will not be absorbed properly.

3. Not consistent with one product
You must be patient to get the results you want. Each product has its own time to produce results. So don’t waste money on changing skin care which doesn’t necessarily work on your skin. On average, skin care products will look around 1-3 months with regular use.

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