How to Choose the Right Hosting Service Provider

How to Choose the Right Hosting Service Provider

You can go online to find out the best linux vps hosting service. When starting an online business, it is important to choose a web hosting company that is good for smoothing your online business. But over time more and more new web hosting service providers are popping up, so this will make you confused in determining the web hosting service provider company that is suitable for your online business. Before choosing a web hosting service provider it’s good if you find out the web needs that you want to build and you also need to take into account the amount of storage capacity and bandwidth that you will use later.


1. A speed ??of Web Hosting

Make sure the hosting service provider has a good speed with the support of quality software and hardware, quality web hosting service providers usually use paid software and hardware with the latest technology. We highly recommend you to choose a hosting service provider that uses Litespeed as its web server software and the hosting service provider also uses the latest technology such as SSD storage media (Solid-State-Drive) or can also use the latest processor that is devoted to server use.

The speed of web hosting will also affect your web visitors. Of course, you don’t want it if there are visitors to your website who experience problems when you want to open your website because the speed of the web hosting server is not good? Also, this will cause your web visitors to just leave because eventually waiting for your web to open and this will cause your web reputation to decline in the eyes of Google because this is one of the causes of a website having a high Bounce Rate.

2. Storage

Almost like the discussion on the first point above, it’s good for you to choose a web hosting service that has used the latest storage technology such as SSD Storage and make sure that in choosing a web hosting service, choose a package that suits your data storage needs. Make sure you buy a package with an inadequate storage capacity, aka capacity that slightly exceeds your needs so that later you can easily save additional files if needed.

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