How to enjoy your meals at an all you can eat restaurant

How to enjoy your meals at an all you can eat restaurant

Many think if eating at the restaurant all you can eat should be on an empty stomach or fasting for several hours. In fact, this can be fatal for digestion. When the stomach is empty, digestion will shrink and eventually do not have enough capacity to eat a lot. If you do not want to lose a meal in a restaurant like this, you should keep eating in accordance with the time. Just reduce the portion of your meal. In the meantime, perhaps you want to check out the Waffle House menu prices as well.

Choose The Most Expensive Food And You Like

Although you can eat everything, every menu is tried even the dishes that you don’t like. It turns out this can also make you lose because no appetite to eat afterward. Tips for eating at the restaurant all you can eat this are to choose foods that you like. Especially the most expensive dish. This actually makes your appetite increasing.

Take a Little-Slight Portion

The dish according to taste is fun. Moreover still served warm on the table. However, do not get crazy at the beginning when eating at the restaurant all you can eat. Take the menu with small portions first so you can try other dishes. Start by eating a salad that is light enough and not filling. Just proceed with the opening menu from cold to warm. Or also select seafood first then continued with warm meat. All in small portions so can enjoy dessert.

Enjoy Food with Relax

The all you can eat restaurant does not provide unlimited food. Some places make the hour’s rule apply according to the price paid. There are an hour and a maximum of three hours. Although limited, do not let it interfere with your real agenda. Enjoy the dishes you choose casually to keep your digestion undisturbed. Do you agree?

Do not Drink Too Much

In addition to eating with ease, do not also drink too much. This will make you full quickly before you spend it all. Moreover, the dish you choose cannot be brought home. In fact, some restaurants also have rules for not leaving any left at all. If caught, will be charged or a fine with a count per menu.

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