How To Ensure the Bedroom is Safe For Your Baby

How To Ensure the Bedroom is Safe For Your Baby

The child’s bedroom is a fun area for him, so you need to be sure of the safety and comfort. For that, you can visit our website to get baby safety gates. Here are some important things about child’s bedroom security.

Baby crib security
If your baby is still sleeping in a baby box, make sure the baby’s bed has the proper safety standards. Be careful with a used baby crib or loan. Most incidents in cribs occur in secondhand cribs that do not meet safety standards.

– Ensure the safety bars are no more than 2 3/8 inches away to prevent the child’s head from being squeezed. There should be no bars that break or break and make sure the mattress is properly installed.

– Lower the mattress when the child is able to lift his body to a standing position.

– The angle pole is no higher than 1/16 of an inch and is not lower than 16 inches when there is a canopy. Make sure the headboard and footboard do not have a decorative element that can clamp the child’s head.

Ensure the safety of the area around the bed by placing it away from windows, heaters, lights, wall decorations, ropes, and furniture that the child can climb. Window blinds can be dangerous because the child’s neck can be choked on a rope that raises the curtain. If the bed should be near the window, keep the curtain out of the reach of the child. When a child reaches 35 inches, he can climb or fall on the side of the bed, it is time to change the bed. If he is not ready for a big bed, you can ease this transition process by using a smaller size bed for a toddler or putting a mattress on the floor.

If your toddler is small, use a toddler bed that is smaller than an ordinary bed. Toddlers usually feel more comfortable in this bed than regular size beds, and this makes the transition process so much easier. But if your toddler is too big for a baby crib, switching to a toddler bed is no good because of basically the same size. So you need to use a bed with a larger size.

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