How to keep your car shiny and pretty

How to keep your car shiny and pretty

A car appearance usually symbolizes the typical owner, of course, riders, do not want if their car looks ugly. Usually, Automotive lovers cars replace their car body paint if it is not shiny anymore, but the tackle takes a long time, how to overcome the body with this action would hurt you, in addition to expensive cost it also wastes your time with your favorite car. Caring for the body of the car is the best solution for overcoming the car paint to keep it looking clean. Meanwhile, you can also go to Auto Body Shop Santa Ana if your car paint has been damaged severely.

Here are tips on car paint care to clean and durable, so that your pet looks shiny every day:

Tips on Car Painting

1. The ways and tips that you first do are to avoid cars from UV rays or excessive sunlight. When stopped look for a shady parking lot if the car gets parked for long. But nowadays sometimes rarely a shady parking lot, this can be overcome by using a car holster or other car cover.

2. Next is to use a special soap or shampoo car when washing the car, because shampoo car has the number of chemicals that have been adjusted to caring for car paint. Do not use detergent and soap dab to wash the car because it causes the car body to get thinner and rough, many proving that washing the car using soap and dust detergent impact on the color of the car that is uneven and does not look clean.

3. The next tip is to clean the outside of the car with a soft cloth or not rough. Usually already available special fabrics for car laps such as chamois. If you do not have Chamois, then you can use other fabrics that are soft. When cleaning the body with a washcloth you must make sure that the cloth is clean, because if the cloth is dirty can cause stains and make the color of the paint looks not clean.

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