How to Prevent Damage to Your Nails

How to Prevent Damage to Your Nails

One time, maybe you feel bored with nail polish or want to immediately replace it with new nail paintings, which are prettier, and better. However, scrubbing nail polish using hazardous materials or roughing the surface of your nails can cause the nails to become damaged and bad. The best way to remove nail polish is to use nail polish remover. Avoid ingredients that are not recommended even if you can remove nail polish quickly.


Avoid using gel and acrylic. No doubt if the gel and acrylic can make nails look super beautiful and very attractive. But unfortunately, both ingredients to beautify these nails can cause severe damage to the nails. So, avoid using the two ingredients completely. Why? The acrylic powder contains many chemicals that can cause damage to the nails. Not only on the surface but also to the bottom of the nail. In addition, the mechanism for drying manicure gels has the potential to cause damage to the skin around the nails. Even though, as stated above, keeping the skin around the nails healthy is the best way to keep the nails themselves.

Avoid water-based manicure before applying nail polish. Because if you get water, your nails will expand. Applying nail polish while expanding is not recommended. Because after drying, the nails will shrink back as usual. Applying nail polish while your nails are still expanding has the potential to cause nail polish to crack and be easily eroded. Instead, use or choose an oil-based manicure to clean your nails before they are painted or colored.

Nail health really depends on what we eat and how we treat it. Rarely consume foods that are healthy and contain lots of vitamins and minerals, which are needed by nails, will make nails break easily, easily damaged, not shiny, less white, and susceptible to disease. To maintain nails from the inside, you must consume foods that contain a lot of calcium, vitamin D, vitamin E, iron, protein, magnesium, and zinc.

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