Inspiration of Unique Home Furniture from Used Goods

Inspiration of Unique Home Furniture from Used Goods

“Do It Yourself” or DIY is become one of the trends in this era, especially for those who like to be creative, DIY itself becomes the designation for making activities or stringing pieces into a series of unique objects, especially now you can easily do with so many tools that can help like Bostitchf21pl. So if in your house a lot of used goods, do not hurry to throw it away, who knows you can make unique furniture like below!

1. Sofa from Used Tire
First, wrap all the surface of the tire with a rope. Or if you want more easily, you can directly paint it with paint in accordance with the wishes. After that, place the wood just above the tire sphere, glue it using a nail. Finally, add a padded foam pad with a cloth on the tire. And voila, be a unique sofa that you certainly cannot buy in furniture stores. In addition to being placed in the house, this tire sofa is also very suitable for you to put in your home garden.

2. Chairs and Bookshelves from Time Wood
DIY project this one multifunctional tablet, can be used as a chair as well as bookshelves. The equipment you need to make it is just around elongated wood, rectangular wood (recommended using thick wood) and nails. How to make it very easy, simply by nailing the long wood on the wood shaped rectangular to form like a chair. For the front, let it remain uncovered, so you can use to store your favorite book collection

3. Cabinet from the newspaper
First of all, roll the newspaper with an elongated shape like a pipe. To be stronger when standing, use a few sheets of newspaper for a pipe-shaped roll. After a lot of rolls are formed, make a hole at the top, middle and bottom of each roll and connect each roll using a wire or rope. To stick more, rub each newspaper roll with glue. Then arrange rolls of newspaper to form a cabinet. Finally, seal the outside surface of the cabinet with newspaper or wrapping paper to make it look neater and beautiful.

4. Broken Chairs Made Swing
Do you have a chair with broken legs that cannot be used again? Quiet. You can still use it anyway. The trick, make the chair into a swing-swing that you can hang on the tree trunk in your yard. Or if you do not have a tree, you can make a buffer made of wood or iron.

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