Know the Central Air Conditioning Work System and How to Take Care!

It is a duty for every home to treat and clean the air conditioner to keep fresh and delicious while in the room. Generally, homes that have air conditioning will treat and clean the air conditioner every 2 or 3 months. Air conditioning treatment can be said to be easy and does not require a fairly expensive cost.

Try to compare it with a house that has an air conditioner that is not treated. Of course, the air in the room feels stinky and stuffy. It can even cause continuous dizziness.

Of course, this kind of thing you do not want is not it? Before you use the service to care for and clean the air conditioner in the factory or mall. It’s good to know first about the new ac system buying guide so you are not lied to by the service of air conditioning service.

Generally market or malls use the central air conditioner as room air conditioner. This type of air conditioner is known as the Space Center chamber.

Central air conditioning system is a cooling system where the air cooling process is centered in one place and then transferred or streamed to all connected rooms.

Simply put, one large room air conditioner can be used for all connected rooms. This central air-conditioner is generally located in outdoor. It is because the sound of the engine is very disturbing to the ear.

The central air-conditioner has 8 main components. Among them are Chiller or cooler parts, Air Handling Unit (AHU) or air regulator parts, Cooling Tower, piping system or distribution side, ducting or air duct, system control & electrical.

Correct air conditioning treatment or maintenance is through 4 stages. The first stage is to prepare the maintenance of the machine, then maintain and repair the central air conditioner, the three treat and repair the central ac machine in accordance with the provisions and the last to evaluate and check the results of treatment.

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