MotoGP Facts You Didn’t Know

MotoGP Facts You Didn’t Know

Well, there are so many sites that provide information related to Olahraga. If you then try to find out the one, where you can gain information about MotoGP, then you come to the right place. How does it feel to go at speeds above 300 km / h? Glad to mix fear may be mixed together. Understandably, with this speed, a few errors can have fatal consequences. Therefore, not just any vehicle can be driven up to 300 km/hour. One vehicle that can be driven to reach speeds of 300 km / h and even more is the Yamaha YZR-M1.

This is the motor that is used by Bradley Smith while still defending the Yamaha Tech 3 Monster Team in the 2015 MotoGP event. Currently, Bradley Smith defends the Red Bull KTM Factory Racing. What’s it like to ride the biker’s dream motor? The following direct narrative from Bradley Smith as quoted from the Telegraph.

Muscle training

Bradley said Yamaha YZR-M1 has a weight of not less than 160 kg. So it will be quite tiring to control this motor in the circuit. Therefore he must do special training. Bradley said he regularly exercises his arms and shoulders to improve his performance. “It looks like an endless effort, but racing is a serious job,” he said.

Two liters of sweat

Going on top of the circuit at speeds up to 300 km / h is fun, but also exhausting. Bradley said, for 45 minutes of the race, he spent no less than 2 liters of sweat.

The ‘combat’ device is more complete than Batman

Bradley Smith said the devices used by MotoGP racers are more than those used by Batman. You wear shoulder protectors, elbows, finger bones, wear gloves, and palm protectors. The racers are also wearing back, calf, and knee pads.

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