Natural and Cost-effective Ways to Clean Your House

Natural and Cost-effective Ways to Clean Your House

Everyone would love to clean the house to keep the house comfortable and nice to be seen. House cleaning activities are not synonymous with expensive equipment and full of chemicals because now many cheap and natural materials are available. You can clean the house with simple tools and materials already in your house. Even though you can call Planet Maids Cleaning Service whenever you need that service, challenging yourself to clean a house or apartment can be so fun. Here are few things you can do to clean your property without spending the amounts of money.


The first natural ingredient that is popular enough to clean the house is lemon juice. Maybe you’ve been using lemon slices to clean oil in cooking utensils, but lemons can also be used for more complex house cleaning activities, you know! One is to remove the crust and water stains from the water tap and shower.

Cleaning the house with lemon is very practical, just prepare a slice of lemon rind and rub evenly on the surface of the tap water and shower to clean. Then rinse the surface of the water tap or shower that has been rubbed earlier with warm water. Immediately dry so as not to appear new water stains. In addition, you can wear a cleansing sponge moistened with lemon juice to clean the house like a water stain on the glass that is often wet like windows and bathroom mirror.

When it comes to cleaning the window areas, why do not you try this tip out? Cleaning the house thoroughly is difficult. Many parts of the house that important missed when cleaned, one of which is a curtain slit. This crack is usually narrow difficult to clean with a regular cloth. If it is so, you should make your own cleaning tool to clean the house. Use a bread clamp and wrap both ends with a microfiber cloth, then tie a clamp on a rubber band or yarn. Pinch the curtains to be cleaned with a clamp that has been wrapped in a cloth and then slides the tongs until the curtain is completely clean. With this tool, you can clean the house easily as well as sparingly, because the wipe you can wash and use repeatedly.

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