Requirements For People With Tattoos To Become Blood Donors

Requirements For People With Tattoos To Become Blood Donors

So, it can be said that it is actually wrong if a tattooed person is not allowed to donate blood at all. However, before determining whether you can donate blood or not, there is a series of checks that must be done. Aside from that, go to the best denver tattoo removal whenever you must remove your tattoo permanently.

Usually, the examination starts from measuring body temperature, pulse, blood pressure, hemoglobin level by taking blood samples, until weighing the body will be done before you donate blood. Make sure you also don’t forget to explain in full to the officer about the health conditions that have been or have been experienced before.

Not only that, long before the blood donor, you must fully understand what the blood donor requirements are:

17-60 years old.
Has a minimum weight of 45 kilograms.
Normal body temperature (36.6 – 37.5 degrees Celsius).
Normal blood pressure (systolic 110/160 and diastolic 70/100).
The female hemoglobin level is at least 12 g / dl, and men are 12.5 g / dl.
Normal pulse (50-100 times per minute).
The distance of the donor is at least 3 months since the previous blood donor and a maximum of 5 times a year.

Unfortunately, not everyone who plans to donate blood fulfills all these conditions. If you are one of them, and you have not made it possible to donate blood, don’t worry. You can still do blood donations on other occasions, really.

Although donating your blood to save others is a noble thing to do, it doesn’t mean that such a procedure can be done recklessly. There are rules and safety regulations that must be followed so that you and those who will receive your blood can always be safe and healthy after the procedure have been performed. Remember that people with a tattoo may carry certain chemicals within their blood circulation, so this can be quite risky to be received by those who need a blood transfusion, especially if their condition is not in the best shape.

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