Several Factors That Cause Hair Loss

Several Factors That Cause Hair Loss

Hair problems that occur continuously without any treatment can lead to permanent problems, one of which is baldness. Hair baldness can happen, do not choose Men or Women. Indeed some of them are caused by the age factor. Then, how for those who experience baldness at an early age or young? Certainly has a reason or a certain cause that causes it to experience baldness at a young age. Therefore, many companies are competing to make vitamins prevent hair loss or regrow hair. One of them is Profillica. Profillica is a natural hair loss treatment that uses safe ingredients for the head. The result was relatively fast. So you should not hesitate to use it.

There are several factors that cause hair loss. Hereditary and hormonal factors are the two most frequently mentioned factors. But do you know that there are other causes of hair loss? Here are some of the causes of hair loss:

– Excessive consumption of vitamin A
Vitamin A is good for the eyes and also good for hair, but this excessive vitamin A is not good for hair health. Because it will make hair difficulty in growing hair that constantly and if the hair does not grow will cause baldness.

– Stress
Stress can make a disruption to hair growth, hair growth can be hampered just because of this stress. Steres is quite dangerous especially stress prolonged. Prolonged stress is not only able to make bald hair but this can make the body condition becomes susceptible to diseases such as headaches. For that know how to cope with good and right stress so as not to admire the body.

– Too much protein
Foods that contain protein are very good for health. Many High protein foods that can be easily found in eggs and meat, high protein can be found in nuts. Although protein actually has a high benefit for the body, the use of protein is too much is able to make baldness especially at a young age.

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