Some Ways to Overcome Hemorrhoids in the Elderly

Some Ways to Overcome Hemorrhoids in the Elderly

Hemorrhoids can cause symptoms of anemia such as frequent fatigue and pale skin due to blood loss. Especially for elderly people whose bodies naturally decline. Hemorrhoids generally occur in adults aged 45 years and over and the elderly. So, how to deal with hemorrhoids in the elderly must be done correctly. So, how? If you need help, you can visit in home senior care dallas.

What is the sign if the elderly experience hemorrhoids? Hemorrhoids or hemorrhoids are conditions when veins in the part of the anus and rectum swell. The water will make people have difficulty sitting due to pain and discomfort when depressed. Although hemorrhoids are painful, hemorrhoids are not life-threatening diseases and can heal on their own. Even so, special care is needed to reduce the symptoms that arise, and in some cases, the special medical action is needed.

Actually, hemorrhoid signs and symptoms in the elderly are the same as those in other age groups. Reported on the Healthline page, pay attention to the symptoms that appear, such as:

– Extreme itching around the anus
– Irritation and pain around the anus
– There is a lump of itching, pain, or swelling near the anus.
– CHAPTER bright red blood

In general, how to deal with hemorrhoids for the elderly is not much different from the others. Treatment that can be done at home aims to reduce pain and other symptoms caused by hemorrhoid, not eliminate hemorrhoid. Some ways to deal with hemorrhoids in the elderly are:

– Soak in a bath of warm water, at least 20 minutes every day to ease the pain. Adding Epsom salt can also be an alternative to help reduce pain.

– Use painkillers or creams, if the pain does not go away. Ointments such as hydrocortisone or hemorrhoidal cream can relieve itching and pain.

– Eat lots of fiber from vegetables and fruit. This is important to prevent constipation, so you don’t need to push when you have bowel movements and cause pain.

– A cold compress on the anus, so as to reduce swelling of hemorrhoids. Always wrap ice which will be affixed with a cloth or towel and do it every 15 minutes. Do not put it directly on the skin.

– Pain relievers such as ibuprofen, aspirin, or acetaminophen can also reduce pain.

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