The Reason Why We Like To Watch A Movie Over and Over

The Reason Why We Like To Watch A Movie Over and Over

A fan of Forrest Gump (1994) without much consideration will often watch the Forrest Gump adventure. The same is true for Korean drama television fans. Why did this happen? The definite and most basic reason, of course, is because they already liked the films. To watch that movie over and over again, you can use Vshare. Go to our website to get vShare Download.

However, to examine and provide more detailed answers from the condition, the two researchers conducted research which then poured in the journal. There are four reasons why many people are watching the movies they have watched. What are the reasons?

1. The More Often Watched, The Movie The More Simple

The first reason is those familiar things with someone will be more easily understood. Therefore, a more easily understood thing will make the brain less work too hard. From there then grow a feeling that thinks a movie is good. Because, psychologically, repetition is done in watching a favorite movie will cause a deeper feeling of love. With the more understanding someone with a movie, then the movie will look better. It can also be explained from the scientific side because the flavor likes to develop because someone has seen it before. It’s the same as when we like a song, which if more repeated, then the song will increasingly grow our likes.

2. Re-Watching Can Create Nostalgia

The nostalgic reason underlies why people watch the same movies over and over again. People look again at the movies they’ve been watching for wanting to see how things happened in the past. As for the matter of the autobiographical element is to review the individual from the past. We, the audience, like to repeat the experience of watching movies, because it helps us remember something that has passed. The activity of remembering something that has passed has been soothing and pleasant.

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