The short history of the Android Operating System

The short history of the Android Operating System

What is an Android? meaning of android? this question is too often I hear from search engine audiences and understanding android began to emerge, even so often it creates this article. I have no intention to search for the visitor alone, but it helps you who want to know about the history of Android. About android itself, already from the beginning of the design has been installed on touchscreen mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers. Meanwhile, you can also visit to find more info about this operating system and its apps.

So Android is an operating system that runs on a smartphone now and adjusts the specifications in low-end to high-end class. Almost all vendors are currently developing products with the Android operating system because the demand is increasing sharply.

Along with the development of our time as a human need a sophisticated and efficient equipment for everyday purposes. Therefore it is better you start using the device with this operating system because android technology has been growing rapidly and this is very I suggest the advantages and disadvantages of android I will discuss below.

A Brief History of Android

A bit of Android history, Android is a Linux kernel based operating system originally developed by Android, Inc., backed by Google financially and then purchased in 2005.

Android was revealed in 2007 along with the establishment of the Open Handset Alliance-a consortium of hardware, software, and telecommunications organizations focused on developing the mobile device standards.

The first publicly available smartphone that runs Android is the HTC Dream, released on October 22, 2008, of course, you who do not yet know for sure that Samsung is the first Android smartphone out, right?

That’s it for the info regarding the Android’s history that we may share with you this time. Although the info is quite small, we hope it helps you to get more knowledge about the world of technology today.

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