The unique uses of coins

The unique uses of coins

There are actually more ways to use the coins than what meet the eyes. Right now, we’d like to share with you the amazing and unique ways to use the coins. Meanwhile, you should also try to make custom challenge coins if you want to honor the special people of your community.

Used by football referees

For the referee football coins not just make to pay for coffee who guys. But every game is held, the coin is very important for the referee to determine the decision of which is the distribution of the playground.

Precisely at the World Cup in 1974. When it was referee Jack Taylor led the final match between hosts West Germany VS Netherlands. To determine who kicks off first Jack uses a special coin made by Bank of Indonesia. The coin weighing 25.31 grams of output in 1974 has two sides, the back side of the eagle with the text of Bank of Indonesia and the front side of the Java tiger pictured.

Media of solidarity

Who still remembers Coin for Coins for Australia? Yep, this is an example of a movement that proves that coins can also be used as a medium of solidarity. So not only used as a means of payment, coins are also effective to mobilize mass in large numbers to perform the social action.

For collection

For those of you who like a collection of certain items, maybe it would not hurt you to consider collecting coins. Coins that can be collected from various countries with a certain value. Pretty calculate learning investment.

Playing the old arcades

Who used to play the arcade? For those 90s the arcade game sounds unfamiliar. If you’ve been talking about arcade games, definitely a couple of coins. Because only coins that can make arcade machine move. Usually, it used to be a fairly large coin. Have you ever experienced it?

Can be used for artwork

If you have high creativity and are fond of making handicrafts, maybe there is no harm in trying to make a craft of coins.

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