The Way God Speaks to Us!

The Way God Speaks to Us!

Often when people ask how God speaks to us, they mean audible. God can do it. He can do anything he wants. He is God and god is real. Someone may ask, then why cannot I hear God speaking to me audibly?

God treats each of us as His unique children. None of us are exactly alike. Therefore, God does not “speak” in the same way to all of us. However, here are some of the ways that He often uses to communicate with us!

1. Through His Word in general
God whispers, sometimes shouts, everything through His word, gives instructions and principles to us about how we should live. When we interpret Scripture with other Scriptures, we avoid unreasonable logic and wrong interpretations that sneak in. If someone says, “God told me to kill my neighbor!” Do you trust the person? Of course not! God never violated His own word or His principles. The “voice” does not come from God.

I need help to raise my children. The Lord “said” to me about it in His word, especially in Proverbs. Difficulties in marriage? God also speaks about it. When I’m scared? I “heard” the words of Jesus to his disciples when they were afraid of the night of the storm: “Shut up! and it is as God speaks to me as well (Luke 8: 23-25).

2. Through His Son, Jesus Christ
The New Testament is the fulfillment of God’s beautiful plan, the Gospel: the good news of Jesus Christ. “God, having spoken on many occasions and in ancient ways to the ancestors through the prophets, in this last time He speaks to us in the Son, whom He has designated as the heirs of all things, through which He has made epochs. ” Hebrews 1: 1-2.

3. Through God’s Nature and Creation
“For that which is not seen of Him, His everlasting power and His divinity can appear to the mind of His work from the foundation of the world, so that they cannot excuse.” (Romans 1:20). Through all that God has created with intricate details and extraordinary beauty, we can “hear” His voice.

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