These Are Some Types Of Lock For Your Door

These Are Some Types Of Lock For Your Door

Door locks have various shapes and types. All forms and types have different uses. Door locks are used so that the security system at home can increase. There are many forms and types of door locks that you can use. You just need to adjust to your needs. You can use services from the locksmith. We can help to install your door locks in the right way.

There are several types of home door locks that you can use. You must recognize the differences first. Here are some types of home door locks that you can use as well as differences.

– Doorknob lock
The key to the knob is probably the most common type of lock we see at home, especially in the inner doors such as bathrooms and bedrooms. This type of key is also often one of the types of keys that adorn the front door of the house. Doorknob lock has a locking mechanism inside the door handle. This type of lock has a knob on both sides of the door and can have a single cylinder or even double cylinder, depending on whether or not the door is locked from the inside.

– Handleset
This door lock has a handle on the external side and one of the key openings or turning knobs on the internal side to lock it. This type of key has a deadbolt feature for extra security. This type of door lock is for the same purpose as the door lock but can provide a more attractive appearance for the exterior of the house.

– Hand Lever
Hand Lever is an excellent choice for interior door locks, such as cabinets or basement doors. This type features a simple grip lever on one side and a twist button on the other.
This key does not provide as good security as the others, so there may not be the ideal choice for the entrance.

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