This Is How To Choose A Carpet For A Minimalist Home Concept

This Is How To Choose A Carpet For A Minimalist Home Concept

Many people use carpets in their homes. Some of them even use more than one carpet in the room. However, the thing they often miss is the unity of the carpet. whereas, clean carpets are important to keep the quality of the home environment better. If you can’t clean the carpet yourself. There are services from tile cleaning north shore that can help you clean it Carpet Cleaners North Shore.

However, before you also have to know how to choose the right carpet, especially for those of you who have a house with a minimalist concept. Some ways you can choose are

1. Adjust the carpet to the theme of the room
The bohemian style carpet with a lively motif is not suitable if used in a narrow room. If you really want to use a brightly colored carpet, make sure the color doesn’t collide with the concept of the house or is too crowded. Also note the color of furniture, floors, and walls. The carpet you choose must blend with the rest of the room.

2. The size of the carpet must be balanced with the size of the room
The size that is too small will give the impression that only the decoration elements are random and do not pay attention to the whole room. However, the carpet that was too big also made the room feel cramped and tight. Preferably, the size of the carpet must be in accordance with the size of the room and not more than half the area of ?the room.

3. Carpets with bright colors and plain motives will create a wider visual appearance
No doubt, color plays an important role in the visual appearance of space. Dark colors give the impression of being heavy but elegant. Neutral bright colors give a lighter and airy appearance. Contrast color makes the room feel more alive and pleasant. The color of the carpet that matches the furniture and contrasts with the dark walls, creates an attractive space, seems alive while looking elegant.

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