This Is How To Treat A Dog Bite Wound Properly

This Is How To Treat A Dog Bite Wound Properly

The dog is one of the wild animals with sharp teeth that can attack when they feel that they are threatened. However, even so, even fierce and ferocious dogs can be trained to obey commands within a certain period of time. However, still, this type of trained hunting dog must be under the supervision of their master. Because at any time hunting dogs remain in their nature, attacking anyone who is considered a threat. Meanwhile, if you got bitten by someone’s dog, you might need to hire the best dog bite attorney in Los Angeles if you want to sue the owner of that dog.

Then, is it still safe for people who have been attacked and bitten by dogs? It could be, as long as the handling and first aid are done to them according to the procedure. Here we provide tips for all readers who want to know how to treat a dog bite wound properly:

Clean the wound with warm water

Dog bite wounds that are not so severe you can actually handle yourself at home. You only need to follow a few steps below. First, Clean the bite wound with warm water for several minutes using a clean cloth or cotton ball. Furthermore, if the bite doesn’t bleed, then you have to press the bite place so that the blood comes out. This method serves to prevent bacteria from entering the wound.

Handle it properly and give it a medicine

Furthermore, you can give painkillers such as paracetamol or ibuprofen to reduce pain and swelling. Afterward, also apply antibiotic ointment, usually, most people will use Neosporin or bacitracin, its function is to prevent germs from multiplying in bite marks. Afterward, wrap the wound with a bandage or a clean gauze cloth.

See your doctor if other symptoms appear

The previous way can be done if the wound is not too severe and does not cause other symptoms. Furthermore, if after being treated at home but other symptoms appear such as redness, swelling, feeling warm, soft to the touch, or even accompanied by fever, then go to a doctor or medical professional, because we never know whether a dog that bites well good or even infected, sick and rabies.

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