This Is The Definition Of Epoxy Flooring

This Is The Definition Of Epoxy Flooring

In general, epoxy flooring is the process of coating the floor with epoxy paint. In contrast to floor paint in general, epoxy paint produces a neat, shiny, shiny and certainly more beautiful floor appearance. If you find a type of floor in certain places such as hospitals, offices, garages, and buildings of factories which look shiny, it usually uses epoxy paint. The epoxy coating does produce a smooth, marble floor look. A good epoxy coating will certainly make the floor more beautiful, clean and tidy for a long time. Meanwhile, if you need experts to inspect your epoxy flooring quality, you can call the Special Inspections Redlands CA.


The execution of the epoxy coating process itself has several stages of coating which include the use of chemicals with special formulas at work.

First formulated in the ’30s in the USA and Switzerland, Epoxy has since been developed continuously. Epoxy was produced as adhesive glue in 1946 until a year later it was developed into a coating/paint material. After its shape becomes a coating/paint material, epoxy is increasingly developed and even becomes one of the coatings that are safe for the environment.

Epoxy itself is a resin chemical from the results of epoxide polymerization. The resin is a thermosetting resin that forms a tight bond at a molecular level in a structure between polymers.

The series that forms the epoxy has an initial formation process in the form of a liquid that reacts chemically to solid. This epoxy polymer is very strong mechanically. Epoxy polymers have properties that are resistant to change which are usually possessed of solid chemical elements in general. Its high adhesive properties are produced during the conversion process from liquid to solid.

Epoxy polymers have many different variants of properties depending on the basic ingredients in resin. Therefore epoxy has different advantages and functions.

Epoxy flooring has two components; resins that are light, transparent and odorless and hardener components that have a dark color and are somewhat smelly. The epoxy polymer is produced when mixing these two components. During the mixing process, a chemical reaction will occur to form strong and hard polymer bonds.

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