Tips for when you’re eating at a restaurant alone

Tips for when you’re eating at a restaurant alone

Many people feel uncomfortable having to eat alone in a restaurant. They do not want to look like people who have no friends or people who steal to eat good food so as not to get caught by their partner. Mark Bittman, culinary journalist and author of The Minimalist column in The New York Times, said he never noticed the stigma until one day wrote the On Eating Alone article with other Times writer, Suzanne Lenzer. “It was a post with the highest hit of the month, even in the last few months,” he said. As someone who often has to travel, Bittman obviously often eats alone in the restaurant. Therefore, it offers tips to make you more comfortable while eating alone. Meanwhile, you may need to check out Wynn buffet prices.

Make a different impression

Many people think, eating alone in a restaurant means no friends or loneliness. Try changing this assumption. Maybe the person is waiting for someone or he is a business traveler who is traveling alone. Instead, you have to salute people-especially women-who seem to be enjoying their time while drinking or eating alone in the cafe. “Honestly, I love traveling because I can eat alone,” says Bittman, who travels a lot to promote his book, including How to Cook Everything and Food Matters: A Guide To Conscious Eating.

Focus on food

Be grateful if you are eating alone because you have the luxury to enjoy all your food. “You do not have to share, no need to make small talk, no need to compromise on what you want to order,” said Bittman. “You just order what you want and just negotiate with yourself.” You can order three appetizers, without ordering the main menu, if you want. Who wants to ban? After that, focus on your food, no need to ignore the views of those around you.

Bring another book or “gadget”

Do not feel desperate because you need a “friend” in the form of a laptop, a BlackBerry, or a book. According to Bittman, the pleasure while eating alone is because we can eat while reading or fiddling with cell phones. Most people will use mealtimes to chat or socialize. When eating alone, this rule no longer exists.

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