Unexpectedly, our ingredients can make our woods become smooth

Unexpectedly, our ingredients can make our woods become smooth

Making wood shiny looks do not have to use chemicals. In everyday life we find materials that are powerful enough to make wooden furniture looks shiny, that is tea water. You can use sea water to make your wood furniture look shiny. The trick is quite simple, you simply apply tea water to wooden furniture by using a soft cloth, let it dry, then your wooden furniture will look brighter. Aside from that, if you visit https://bighomechores.com/best-benchtop-jointer/ you will find the good tools for making your woods become smoother.

Mineral Oil

We often dill mineral oils used to moisten the surface of objects. Its clear, odorless, and not easily oxidized properties make this a good oil used to polish your home wood furnishings.

The benefits contained in mineral oil in addition to moisturizing it can also be used to clean the dirt on your wood furniture.

How to use it, you simply drip mineral oil into the wood surface and then apply it with a smooth foam. Paste it several times, about 2-3 times until you get maximum results.

Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum jelly with mineral oil is actually almost the same, which distinguishes only on its shape. If mineral oil is liquid, while petroleum jelly gel form. Therefore, before being used in the furnishings, it is better petroleum jelly mixed with water first so easily applied to the surface of the furniture.

Cleansing steps are almost the same as before, which is allowed on furniture using foam or soft cloth to make wood look shiny.


This one item may be familiar to your ears. We often use mayonnaise sauce for fruit salads, soggy salads, and other delicacies. But never did you imagine if this sauce can be used to clean stains when there are stains on our wooden furniture.

Mayonnaise is very powerful to remove the stains and food contamination that contaminate our furniture. You simply apply mayonnaise to the stained point and gently apply it until it does not disappear. Don’t forget to clean with a new tissue or clean cloth so no ants chew on your furniture.

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