Why Can Someone Be Deeply Suicidal, Though His Life Looks Perfect?

Why Can Someone Be Deeply Suicidal, Though His Life Looks Perfect?

When we hear the sad news about someone killed by suicide, we usually wonder. Why did he commit suicide? What is the reason for ending his life? Did not think he killed himself, was not his life all right and perfect? We can never guess one’s heart and feelings perfectly. Even our closest people can hide something we never knew before. The news of a number of famous people who died of suicide, such as Robin Williams, Chris Cornell, and recently Chester Bennington, was also surprising.

Maybe we see them as people who are already successful in life. But we never know the inner struggle and the things that raged on their minds until finally decided to commit suicide. What is the real reason that makes a person desperate to kill himself even though his life looks fine? Alex Lickerman, M.D. Author of The Undefeated Mind: On the Science of Constructing an Indestructible Self-describes the general and most often found behind the reason someone can be desperate to commit suicide.

Experiencing Depression; This is the most common reason about why someone can be desperate to commit suicide. A person with depression tends to hide his own anxiety. All sadness and confusion are buried themselves. In fact, he often thinks, “The people around me will live better without me.” When depressed, someone will be frightened by his own thoughts and often feel his life is useless.

Psychotic Problems; Psychotics is a mental disorder characterized by the inability of a person to judge the facts that occur, for example, there are hallucinations or have a chaotic or strange behavior. Usually will feel the “whispers” that lead to self-harm. Like a schizophrenic who experienced delusions or hallucinations that make his mind chaotic until there is a tendency to reckless suicide.

Have an Impulsive Personality; This impulsive behavior is usually characterized by suddenly changing behavior and often does something for no apparent reason. Usually, has a close relationship with the consumption of alcohol and drugs. When already addicted to alcohol and drugs, a person can have an impulsive desire to commit suicide. This is because emotions and mental health are disrupted. Feel Alone Without Anyone to Ask for Help; People like this are usually initially no intention to commit suicide.

But then there’s feel desire to commit suicide to resuscitate someone who has injured him. Or because he felt alone and did not know who to ask for help. So suicide so how to tell the people around him if he actually needs help. Anyone can have an intention to commit suicide. Even the closest people who look fine with a perfect-looking life can be desperate to commit suicide. Because of the suffering and the heart of one’s true feelings we can never always guess and know. Whatever problems we face today, keep fighting to get it done right. If you need help, do not hesitate to ask for help from the people closest to us.

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