Wood Decking Treatment With linseed oil

Wood Decking Treatment With linseed oil

Why should wood decking treatment still be done, whereas the wood used for decking is generally a kind of hardwood and not easily damaged? you need to know that no matter how strong the wood if treated will always keep the condition remains prime even more excellent. This treatment is done to extend the life of wood, maintain durability and prevent the occurrence of damage or other factors that damage wood decking. This oil can be necessary for maintaining the decking that made out of exquisite woods, such as the epay wood deck and also the Malaccan ironwood deck.

Wood decking treatment is done to keep coating or coating paint films that considered as the top and it’s not easily damaged. Selian it needs to be done so that the color of the wood decking also not easily fade. Exposure to sunlight, wind, rain and erratic weather also accelerate the process of damage to wood decking. so that these things can easily damage the condition of the wood, it takes easy wood maintenance tips and can be done, anyone.

Here we provide step treatment step wooden decking with linseed oil:

Immediately clean the floor if there are stains attached
Make sure that the floor does not use the glossy or glossy coating for making it slick and accident prone.

If exposed to water immediately dry. Walaupaun wood used hardwood species, but still must be dried. Because the damp wood will be a hotbed of fungus.

Polish with linseed oil regularly 2/3 weeks to avoid the various organisms destroyer, exposure to sunlight, wind, and water that can damage the condition of the wood.

We hope this info helps you to take care of your wooden deck and floors. It’s true that building the wooden deckings and floorings may consume a lot of time, so it’d be a wise decision for you to maintain of your decks and floors properly, so they will be able to stay durable for a long time.

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