You Must Know The Ingredients Of Your E-cigarettes

You Must Know The Ingredients Of Your E-cigarettes

If you have decided to use e-cigarettes, whether it is a substitute for tobacco cigarettes or as a temporary alternative to being able to stop your smoking habits, surely you have to choose the right and appropriate yes, with your own needs. Choosing an electric cigarette is indeed not the same as when you choose a regular cigarette, even you can not only determine your taste but you must also see how efficiently the e-cigarette is used. Do you need mer om e sigarett med nikotin på If you answer yes, you come to the right place.


You need to know that the same as the types of tobacco cigarettes that have been present with various kinds of pleasures according to the tastes of each of the boxes, cigarettes with this type too. You can later choose the taste that you think is the most appropriate or the most comfortable with you. This is very important, especially for those of you who really intend to immediately stop smoking, because with the feeling you like, then you will automatically be more durable with electric cigarettes.

Liquid vape has different taste and now there are many variants. The taste in this liquid is what makes you enjoy when vaping. If you have chosen the wrong taste or flavor from the start, then you will not be satisfied when vaping, as cool and as much as any smoke produced. There are so many flavors that are now being sold, you must diligently try and determine the liquid with the taste that you like.

In each bottle of liquid vape, you might see the words 0 mg, 3 mg or even 6 mg. Mg. This is the point is milligram and this shows how much nicotine is contained in the liquid. For those who don’t smoke, you can immediately try 0mg. If you just want to quit smoking, maybe you can start with 3-6 mg before actually stopping consuming liquid with nicotine content.

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