Secret guide to adult webmaster affiliate programs, comission

Adult webmaster commission referral programs, opporutunity

Adult Webmaster Programs are webmaster affiliate programs offered by sites operating in the adult industry. Such sites charge a monthly subscription to users to access content. These sites offer webmaster opportunities to advertise their site(s). Typically these programs are almost entirely pay-per-sale. Pay-per-sale or pay per signup involves earning a referral commission each time a user from your website clicks the advertising link and pays a fee to become a member of the adult website. There are two types of commission structures. The first type is flat payout for each sign-up, such as $35 per referred sign-up. The second type of payout is based on a percentage commission of recurring revenues such as 50% of initial sign-up fees plus 50% of recurring revenues.

This section will cover the top rated Adult website sponsors.. For each section we only list our top performing sponsors. Each sponsor must meet 3 strict criteria before being considered for addition on this web page. The criteria are (1) top performing, (2) reliable and honest and (3) prompt webmaster payouts.

With the above criteria in mind we’ve selected the following website opportunities. The best adult revenue programs which we’ve chosen are:

TopBucks Webmaster Program. This program is one of the best converting adult webmaster programs with a very low sales to traffic ratio. We’ve experienced ratios of 1:639. The sets of sites offered by Topbucks webmaster program cover almost every niche. Topbucks even offers an adult gay website referral program.

Videosz Adult Webmaster Program. Videosz is simply our highest members retention site providing the most rebills. Each monthly rebill will earn you $18. They have the best selection of full length adult dvds available for download.

Nasty Dollars Affiliate Program. NastyDollars has some of the best converting sites as they produce all their own content so their sites have unique content. The payout is a generous $35 per sign-up.

Love Dollars Adult Dating Affiliate Program. Love Dollars has some of the best converting adult dating sites in various niches including housewives, college girls, asians and black women. The conversion ratio is very good!

Pornstar Dollars Webmaster Program. PornstarDollars operates many official pornstar sites. The conversions and retention rates are high as many fans want to join their favorite pornstar’s official site.

OcCash Webmaster Affiliate Program. This adult webmaster program is selected by us as it provides some of the best RSS feeds to feed your adult blogs. It’s very simple to feed your blogs with their RSS feeds and have your affiliate links embedded in the blog entries. Easy way to earn money with your adult blogs.

TrafficCash Adult Webmaster Program. TrafficCash offers many sites covering almost every imagineable niche. This site is known for it’s high quality weekly hosted galleries. It’s easy to add their galleries to your site and start earning money.

XXX Cash Affiliate Program. Get paid for promoting some of the hottest male and female celebrity sites. They even provide RSS feeds which you can use to feed your blogs. Your blog entries will contain your affiliate ID so you’ll be earning money relaxing while your blog adds new entries everyday.

JP18 Webmaster Affiliate Program. This site is chosen for it’s unique japanese content. Excellent conversions and membership retentions for all your traffic looking for japanese girls.

Asia Movie Pass Affiliate Program. This site offers high quality Japanese movies for download. Very good conversion ratio.

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