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Per Impression

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Pay Per Impression Advertising means that a sponsor pays to have his ad displayed on your website depending on how many impressions this ad will receive. Typically the cost for this type of advertising is quoted as cpm, or cost per thousand impressions. For instance, a $20 cpm would mean that a sponsor is asked to pay $20 for each 1,000 impressions of his advertisement. This is in contrast to pay per click advertising which means that a sponsor pays for each click generated from your site. Another type of revenue program is referred to as pay-per-sale. Pay-per-sale advertising is also often referred to as pay per signup.

This section will cover the top rated pay per impression revenue program. For each section we only list our top performing sponsors. Each sponsor must meet 3 strict criteria before being considered for addition on this web page. The criteria are (1) top performing, (2) reliable and honest and (3) prompt webmaster payouts.

With respect to pay per impression webmaster programs the top performing programs are based on their ability to make webmasters money. This is defined as earning the maximum amount of money on a cost per thousand impressions while charging the least in administration fees.

For the second criteria we have only chosen webmaster opportunities from trusted and reliable companies which have a track record of honest dealings both with their webmasters as well as their customers. Many disreputable companies operate pay per impression programs so when signing-up for any such program it’s a good idea to do a thorough background check on any company. An easy way to do a simple check is to use a search engine such as Google or Yahoo and type the company’s name and the word “fraud”. This will likely reveal most reported cases of fraud.

Our third criteria requires that the sponsor pay any earned referral commissions in a prompt and timely manner without missing any payments. This is closely related to our second criteria.

With the above criteria in mind we’ve selected our top performing pay per impression website program. The best pay per impression program which we’ve chosen is:

Adbrite. Adbrite lets you place text-links on your site which say advertise here. When these links are clicked by your prospective advertisers they are taken to your Adbrite page. This page will tell the potential advertiser traffic statistics for your website as well as list the cost to advertise. The sponsor then selects the duration of the ad which he’d like to appear on your website. Adbrite collects payment from the sponsor on your behalf and remits the funds to you.

Anyone visiting your site can buy an ad directly on your site by clicking “Your Ad Here.” You’ll also be listed in the AdBrite marketplace providing extra opportunities to get sponsor ads. The best part of this revenue program is that your website revenue does not depend on how many clicks your site sends out or on how much merchandise is purchased. It’s clean and simple advertising revenue – just show text or banner ads and collect money.

The downside to this advertising revenue program is that you may not earn money if you can’t get a potential sponsor to click the “Your Ad Here” link on your site or Adbrite can’t find you any sponsor from their marketplace.

Overall this revenue generation program can be used with other programs such as pay per click advertising and pay-per-sale webmaster programs. In our experience, placing Google ads on one side of the page and Adbrite “Your Ad Here” links either below the Google Adsense ads or on the opposite side of the page works very well in order to maximize website revenue.