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Guide to webmaster revenue programs designed to make webmasters money, resources

Guide to webmaster revenue programs designed to make webmasters money, marketing

Pay Per Click Advertising means a sponsor pays for each click generated from your site. There are two alternative to pay-per-click advertising – pay per impression or pay-per-sale. Pay-per-sale advertising is also often referred to as pay per signup.

This section will cover the top rated pay per click sponsors. For each section we only list our top performing sponsors. Each sponsor must meet 3 strict criteria before being considered for addition on this web page. The criteria are (1) top performing, (2) reliable and honest and (3) prompt webmaster payouts.

With respect to pay-per-click webmaster programs the top performing programs are based on their ability to make webmasters money. This is defined as earning the maximum amount of money on a cost per click basis. For instance, if sponsor 1 places text links on your website and on average is earning you $0.10 per click and sponsor 2 places text links on your site and is earning you $0.25 per click then obviously sponsor 2 would be the top performing.

For the second criteria we have only chosen webmaster opportunities from trusted and reliable companies which have a track record of honest dealings both with their webmasters as well as their customers. Many disreputable companies operate pay per click programs and when signing-up for any such program it’s a good idea to do a thorough background check on any company. An easy way to do a simple check is to use a search engine such as Google or Yahoo and type the company’s name and the word “fraud”. This will likely reveal most reported cases of fraud.

Our third criteria requires that the sponsor pay any earned referral commissions in a prompt and timely manner without missing any payments. This is closely related to our second criteria.

With the above criteria in mind we’ve selected two pay per click webmaster opportunities. The best pay per click programs which we’ve chosen:

Google Adsense. Simply, our business model relies heavily on the revenue generated from Google Adsense. Why? Google Adsense is very simple to manage and to use. Simply sign-up for a free account then follow the on-screen instructions when you login under the tab “Adsense Setup”. The interface lets you quickly create various size ads, either text or graphic, to place on your webpage. You can customize colors of the ads to match your website. Simply take the generated code from Google Adense and copy and paste it onto your web pages.

Try the quick & easy to use Google Adsense setup interface for yourself. The key is that Google will place quality ads on your page which are relevant to your users. Google’s engine crawls your website and places highly relevant ads on your web page where you’ve pasted the Google code. Google goes further by showing geo-targeted ads. Google determines the nationality of your user and then shows ads relevant to the user’s country. It’s almost impossible to show any ads which are more targetted to your user than these Google ads.

Best of all, you don’t have to work hard trying to sign-up for various sponsors in an attempt to find relevant ads to place on your website. Just paste the Google code on all of your websites and Google will automatically only display ads relevant to the content of each site. Setting up Google Adsense takes only a few minutes from signing up to having the ads running on your web site.

As an alternative to Google we recommend using Bidvertiser. Bidvertiser works in much the same way as Google Adsense, except that setup is more interactive and takes longer. It has been our experience that Google Adsense seems to have a higher pay-per-click rate than Bidvertiser. However, this will obviously depend on the content niche of your site. You’ll have to experiment with your own website click-through ratios and amount earned per click by signing for free with Bivertiser account to sell your ad space with BidVertiser.

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